Latest Covd-19 advice

While ACFA recognises that it is an individual member’s responsibility to comply with guidance issued by the Scottish Government as it attempts to limit the damage caused by the Covid pandemic, we will endeavour nevertheless, to keep members advised of the current state of play as it affects ACFA activities.

Sadly, archaeological field survey work does not fall into the category of “essential purpose”, so is not exempt from the current rules and guidelines. Furthermore, travel into or out of Tiers 3 (and 4) would now be classified as illegal, and consequently outwith ACFA’s (and probably personal) insurance cover. Consequently, we strongly advise ACFA members not to participate in field work, outside their own home Local Authority area, at this time. Maybe there is archival or publication preparation work that can be undertaken in the warmth and safety of our homes?

Of course, there may be exceptions to the “essential purpose” guidelines; for example, building and construction work that impinges on archaeologically sensitive areas may allow pre-construction survey work to be re-classified as “essential” work. That, however, has still to be tested. Please let us know if you are likely to be engaged in any such work, and we will help to establish if this is permitted. However, it will still remain advisable to avoid car-sharing.

And, of course, the landowners’ wishes must be respected, as always.