Committee Members

ACFA Committee

At the AGM on 19th October 2019 the following members were confirmed as committee members and office bearers:

Margaret Gardner*elected 2017 to 2020 Committee Member 
Janie Munrore-elected 2019 Chairperson
Elaine Blackelected 2017 to 2020 Committee Member 
Jennifer Boagre-elected 2019 Treasurer
Ewen Smith
elected 2019 Minutes Secretary
Ian Marshall*elected 2018 to 2021
Wendy Raine*
elected 2018 to 2021 Committee Member
William Dougan elected 2019 to 2021 Committee Member

1 Entitled to be re-elected for a further three year period in accordance with the Constitution para. 4 (a).

Independent Accounts Examiner:  Brian Balmain


Archivist: Dugie MacInnes
Publications: Elizabeth Bryson
Newsletter: Janet McDonald  
Survey Liaison: Susan Hunter