First Year of the Rona survey

The recent visit to Rona and the and beginning of the survey of Dry Harbour, Isle of Rona took place at the end of May in glorious sunshine. About half of Dry Harbour settlement, the main settlement on Rona, was drawn up by a small team. The immediate environs were walked with great difficulty since the vegetation and terrain are very much against us, with heavy scrub, brambles and bracken cover and rough rocky ground.

The accommodation was very comfortable, the food great and the company excellent.

Further discussion on the survey will take place at the AGM in November.

Bute Project – Coming out of Winter’s Darkness

Winter obviously isn’t over yet, but at least the days are noticeably longer, and it’s time to get out and look at some more of Bute’s coastline. The report on last year’s work is now complete and I hope to have printed copies ready soon. This year’s work will be starting at Stravannan Bay (where the last survey finished) and moving on round the south coast of the island, ending up at Kilchattan Bay. If you are interested in taking part, the following dates are now in the calendar: Wednesday 23rd February Tuesday 8th March Wednesday 23rd March Contact via

Equipment Reminder

A reminder to everyone that ACFA holds survey equipment such as boards, radios, GPS, compasses available to ACFA members planning a survey.

Photographic Competition Results 2009

First prize and Quaich goes to Bruce Henry for his photo –

“Can I stand on a box please Daddy?”


Can I stand on a box please, Daddy?

Second equal places go to Sue Hothersall for “Crisp Spring Weather”  

Crisp Spring Weather


Scott Wood for “A Vertical Study” 

A Vertical Study

Raasay Survey Team Disbanded

Friday 17th April saw the Raasay Volunteers officially disbanded by Scott Wood after a week of hard work and beautiful weather. The island’s survey has now been completed save for a few minor points. John Macdonald and Scott have to be congratulated on many years of diligent work which has given rise to a series of publications on the island.