Annual General Meeting

This year’s annual general meeting is to be held on Saturday Nov 7.  After many years at the STUC Centre in Woodlands Road the venue for the AGM is moving to the GCVS Albany Centre, Woodlands Suite in Ashley Street.  Along with the new venue goes a new format of a lunchtime meeting.  All members and associate members are invited to attend and a booking form and other papers can be found in the Members’ Area.

Historic Environment Scotland Annual Report

The first annual report of the Historic Environment Scotland strategy has been published along with the official launch on October 1 of Historic Environment Scotland the new body formed from the amalgamation of Historic Scotland and the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments Scotland.  The report can be read here.

Industrial Heritage Strategy Scotland

Historic Scotland has published a draft Industrial Heritage Strategy document with a view to receiving comments from interested individuals and organisations.  Dr Miles Oglethorpe, Head of Industrial Heritage and Digital, has circulated the document, which can be found here, with a request that submissions be made by the end of August. 


Kildonan view of red survey area

On a cold, wet and windy Monday at the end of March, 18 ACFA volunteers gathered at the Tongadale Hotel in Portree for the survey of the townships of Kildonan and The Fanks.  In theory we would be surveying Tuesday to Thursday inclusive but the fates had other ideas!!  On Tuesday morning we gathered at the site intending to have an overall view of the area from the top of a convenient rise called Cnoc Aluin (where the EDM was to be sited).  The wind was so strong that we had difficulty staying upright and the frequent showers were of rain, sleet, snow and hailstones; the temperature was about 3 degrees C.  It was generally agreed that surveying was a foolish idea but the teams took themselves off to their respective areas to have a recce and identify what needed to be done so the day wasn’t completely wasted. On Wednesday the wind had dropped to a steady Force 7, the hail showers were less frequent and the temperature rose to a balmy 6 degrees at one point so our intrepid ACFA volunteers set to work.  Thursday turned out to be the best day – fairly calm and dry with sunshine – and the bulk of the surveying was completed with teams who were finished helping out with those who weren’t.  Considering the weather and the situation of some of the remains it was a triumph! Wendy’s team in particular vanished into a horrible patch of low conifer woodland each day and emerged in the evening scratched and bent but undaunted!!


The hotel was comfortable and the staff were helpful and kind.  The food was plentiful and good and it had wifi, which was a plus given the very poor mobile service in the area. The company as always was good and the repartee was sparkling when we could stay awake past 9.30 p.m.


Once again I was awed by the willingness of ACFA members to give of their time and money to take part in a survey without complaint in very difficult circumstances – to one and all go heartfelt thanks and admiration. Anne MacDonald

Pictures: Top View over Red Team survey area, Bottom Dun Flashader Broch