Tick alert

Anyone out and about in the countryside between April and October needs to be aware of the dangers posed by ticks. Here is some information about ticks and how to deal with them safely. Ticks advice

The Orry, Eaglesham Village

A survey of the Orry Mill in Eaglesham was carried out by members for the Eaglesham Feuars Association.

This cotton spinning mill was one of three mills worked off the Kirkton Burn which flows through Eaglesham village.

Built in the 1790′s for Strang and Lennox of Glasgow, by the 1820′s it employed nearly 200 people and was powered by one of the largest water wheels in the country, over 15.0m in diameter.

It was burnt down in 1876 and is now in dense natural scrub and woodland and offeried a challenge to the survey team of:

Susan Hunter, Janie Munro and Ian Marshall!


Glen Lochay Survey

Glen Lochy Dates August to December 2011. These may be subject to change.

All Sundays:

      • August 21
      • September 4
      • September 16-18 – Great big Camping Expedition 3.
      • October 2
      • October 16
      • October 30
      • November 13
      • November 27
      • December 11

(Further info on this and planned September camping trip in Members’ Area)

Bute Survey

The following dates have been arranged for Bute:

Tuesday 4th October

Friday 7th October

Tuesday 18th October

Wednesday 19th October

Saturday 22nd October

Sunday 23rd October

February Bash Thanks

Thanks to everyone who attended the February Bash on Saturday Feb 26. It was another successful event which was attended by not only ‘the usual suspects’, but also a good number of new members. Special thanks to our guest speaker Heather James whose presentation ‘Hunting for medieval settlement in Mid Argyl’ was well received. A summary of her presentation will be included in the next newsletter.