Members’ Photography Competition 2020

Welcome to the virtual photography competition. Most years we hold a photography competition for members with a final exhibition and announcement of winners at our Annual General Meeting. This year Covid-19 has put paid to our meeting in person and we will be holding a virtual AGM (date to be announced). In the meantime entry is open to our virtual competition. Entries will be posted here and members will be invited to vote by email to our usual address,, between Oct 1 and Oct 15.

There are four categories for entries: Home, International, Humour and Drones Stills. Further information for entries can be found here

Sorry, but entry is restricted to Acfa members only.


No 1: Anne, Peter and Wendy were poles apart on whether social distancing was necessary on a survey!
No 2: WTF!
No. 3: …and where the spaceship landed
No. 4: Spanish BA rock art or How we might look after lockdown!
No. 5: Advanced survey techniques being tested on Luing